Wish List


Indy Reads wants to wish you a happy holiday season!


While you’re out and about doing your holiday shopping, we would be honored if you thought of us. In fact, some of the things that we’re looking for, you just may have laying around your house!

Below, you will find our Wish List, featuring items that are necessary to the mission of Indy Reads. Our staff, students, and volunteers need the best supplies and materials to continue working hard year round to “Make Indianapolis 100% Literate.”

You are also welcome to visit our Amazon Wish List and have your donation shipped directly to us at 40 E. St. Clair St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.

If you have questions about our Wish List, or have an idea for a donation that is not listed here, please email Elizabeth Davis at edavis@indyreads.org.

We’d love to have the following items in new or gently used condition (For the details of what we’ll use the items for, click on the plus sign beside each item.):

(For our Amazon Wish List, click here.)


  • iPad (3rd generation or later, mini, Air)

    Help us make giving easier! Indy Reads appreciates every donation made and, in return, want to make donating as easy as possible. Currently, we do not have the capability to accept credit card donations or training fees. We have the Square Reader, but we still need an iPad (or other compatible tablet) to link it to so we can finally start accepting in-person credit and debit card donations.
  • 2 Laptops and speakers for laptops

    In an effort to reduce the cost of our volunteer trainings and to improve our presentations, our training format is shifting from one of paper handouts and folders over to PowerPoint. Our Trainers will need laptops and speakers (for videos shown) to be able to facilitate these trainings.
  • Color desk printer

    While Indy Reads has a copy machine, it does not print color. We’d love to have a color printer for those times when our materials need that extra pop! Some of our students also have learning disabilities that make reading colored words easier than seeing black and white.
  • Large easel

    Having an easel will make it easier for us to display our signage and effectively communicate our messages.
  • Pre-sharpened pencils and erasers

    Everyone makes mistakes when acquiring a new skill and the erasing power of pencils help our students correct their errors and move forward in their learning. These will be given to our tutors and students to use during their lessons.
    • Wide ruled notebooks

      Many of our tutors employ a journaling technique to help their students build written communication skills. These notebooks will be given to our students and tutors to use for this purpose. Students also take home their notebooks in order to complete their homework. These really help them keep organized!
    • Mad Libs books

      Learning nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs can get a bit dull so to add an element of fun to learning, we encourage the use of Mad Libs! This allows our students to start thinking creatively and to obtain a mastery of this aspect of grammar while getting a laugh out of it at the end.
    • Pocket size dictionaries

      These will be given to our students to use at home when they come across a word that they do not know. Having the skills to look up words in a dictionary for pronunciation and meaning helps them to grow their independence and gain confidence in their everyday lives.
    • Boxcutters and/or scissors

      We get a LOT of boxes at Indy Reads Books and know how to put things like this to excellent use!
    • Silverware and knives

      These will be used during our special events at Indy Reads Books. We have a kitchenette inside our bookstore that would greatly benefit from silverware and knives.
    • Cotton tablecloths, plain white (60in X 84in)

      Our current table cloths at Indy Reads books are “well loved” and we would very much appreciate having some new ones for our events!