Students' Work


Our students recently read The Giver by Lois Lowry and went to go see the play put on by the Indiana Repertory Theatre.  Here are their thoughts and writings about the play and book. 

the giver

“I went to the Giver on Saturday. I liked all the characters. Jonas was my favorite because he was intelligent. It was interesting. My Mother went with me. She liked the play because the Giver was trying to get Jonas to understand what he was talking about. She liked all the characters. It was a good play. It can be hard to get people to understand the story, but the play helped.”



“I liked The Giver. It makes me think a lot. It is different. I liked the movie better than the play because the movie has more detail and I understand more. But, watching the play, I caught that Jonas passed the memory to Gabe to help him sleep.”




Other student work:


The Game’s Afoot

Review by Vinda B.
May 27, 2014

Just going to the play was very exciting. The play was very good; they all played their parts very well. The stage was fixed up very well, the decorations were back in the times. It looked like a real mansion and was set up very nice.

The part I liked best was when Daria had the knife in her back and Gillette did not know it. When she fell, he jumped up and down like he saw a ghost. Another part was when he and Felix tried to hide the body in the closet and she kept falling out.

The part that surprised me was that I thought Aggie and Simon had killed Daria but it was Martha and that really shocked me.